Red-Shouldered Bostricthid not Bark Beetle

Humped-back beetle
Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 1:12 PM
I’ve spent months trying to figure this one out. It was seen in a suburban backyard garden. This l’il critter is so unique. Besides the hump, the textured posterior and color pattern are particularly attractive. I would be very grateful for any hints as to the identity of my mystery beetle (no rush). You folks are great – I love the site.
Brunswick, Frederick County, Maryland

Bark Beetle
Bark Beetle

Hi Wayne,
We believe this is a Bark Beetle in the tribe Scolytini which may be viewed on BugGuide. The elytra or wing covers resemble the genus Ips, but there seem to be structural differences, including the antennae. We will check with Eric Eaton to get confirmation.

Yes, I do have an opinion on the “bark beetle.” It is actually a specimen of the red-shouldered bostricthid, Xylobiops basilaris. Bostrichidae are often mistaken for bark beetles, so you are in good company.

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