Subject: Never mind. I think I found it…
Location: Tansen, Palpa District, Nepal
June 28, 2012 7:45 pm
Just wrote you a query, but by searching more diligently, I found the Baorisa hieroglyphica. That looks like it!
Thank you.
Signature: lkw

Baorisa Moth

Dear lkw,
This particular email arrived while we were out of the office and we are going through old submissions in an effort to respond to some past requests.  We were unable to locate your original email, and we suspect you did not sign the two forms in the same manner.  This is a beautiful Baorisa and we thank you for saving us the effort of doing the research.  We know how time consuming it can be to identify species from many parts of the world.  We confirmed the identification on

Location: Nepal

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