Black & Beige VERY LARGE insect..
Location: South Florida
July 21, 2011 7:05 am
Am located in South Florida and this insect was on my screen for the entire day. It is approxiamtely 2 1/2” long and is beieg and black. Hopefully, someone will be able to identify it for me. Thanks.
Signature: Terri

Banded Sphinx

Hi Terri,
There are two closely related Sphinx Moths in the genus
Eumorpha that look very similar, and they are easily confused.  You have a Banded Sphinx, Eumorpha fasciatus, and you may read about it on the Sphingidae of the Americas website.  BugGuide also has a nice description of the species. The caterpillars feed on plants in the primrose family.

Location: Florida

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