Banded Garden Orbweaver

Subject: Spider in Ontario Canada
Location: Goderich Ontario
November 18, 2016 5:33 pm
Found this spider on the wall outside work today. Was pretty docile, and no web in sight, but quite pretty! Got several pictures from different angles, so I’m really hoping they’re good enough. I included one zoomed out photo to try and indicate scale. I’m thinking he must’ve been in one of the shipments we got this week since we’re setting up a new store, but either way he was an awesome spider to see!
Signature: Laurie

Banded Garden Orbweaver
Banded Garden Orbweaver

Dear Laurie,
This is a Banded Garden Orbweaver or Banded Argiope,
Argiope trifasciata, and it is a local species for you as it ranges over most of North America.  Orbweavers mature in a single season, hatching in the spring and growing through the summer, attaining maturity and full size in the fall when they generally attract all the attention.  Like other members of the family, this Banded Garden Orbweaver spends most of its time in its web, unless the web is destroyed or it is pursued by a predator.  Orbweavers are perfectly harmless, though a large individual is capable of biting.  The venom should have little more effect than local swelling and tenderness.

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