Banded Alder Borer

Subject: Striking black and white beetle!
Location: Seattle, Washington
August 1, 2012 10:33 am
My husband sent me a text with this picture of a large black and white striped beetle with incredible antennae (also striped)and asked me what it was. I work in fisheries but have no idea when it comes to bugs, so I did some internet searches and could only find pictures of beetles with more mottled black and white coloration, not the very distinct stripes this guy has. Just wondering if you guys can tell me what it is?
Signature: From a curious ichthyologist

Banded Alder Borer

Dear curious ichthyologist,
This might well be our favorite North American beetle, the Banded Alder Borer.  It is found in the western portion of North America.  It really is a stunning looking beetle.

4 thoughts on “Banded Alder Borer”

  1. It’s very bug landed on me in the Sierras of California by Hume Lake. Scared the stuff out of me ! I was practically raised in our mountains every year camping but never have I seen this bug before!!! It was huge and flew and landed right on my leg ! Hahaha.. Don’t worry, I put him on a tree, perfectly healthy when I walked away .

  2. Just came across one in West Seattle along SW Jacobson. Really grateful for your website — I was able to identify it right away. Strikingly beautiful.

  3. I just had an encounter with one for the first time! I was startled but we put it outside. What a beautiful bug.


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