Band-Winged Grasshoppers

Subject: Grasshoppers?
Location: Eastern Iowa
August 31, 2016 12:37 pm
I was wondering if you could help me identify which type of grasshoppers these are. Eastern Iowa, Johnson County parking lot in Iowa City on 8/29/2016.
Thank you!
Signature: des

Band-Winged Grasshoppers
Band-Winged Grasshoppers

Dear Des,
These are Band-Winged Grasshoppers in the subfamily Oedipodinae, and as you can see by browsing BugGuide, there are many species in the subfamily.  Band-Winged Grasshoppers get their common name which is descriptive of the underwings, that are hidden in your image.  The underwings are often brightly colored (red, orange, yellow and blue depending upon the species) with black bands.  When the grasshoppers fly, they attract attention because of the bright colors, but when they land, as in your image, they are camouflaged by the drab colors that hide the underwings.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a species name at this time.

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