Subject: Band Wing Grasshopper?
Location: CT, USA
August 5, 2012 9:18 am
Let me start by saying, I love your site! Anyway, I’ve recently moved from a more city like environment to a nicer, much quieter neighborhood with woods that lead to a reservoir right in my back yard. I’ve have been discovering many different, sometimes creepy, insects since. I have most recently been spotting these grasshopper-like insects all over my back yard. I mean, they’re literally all over the place. They seem to be most active midday, anywhere between 11am – 5pm or so. I do believe that they’re grasshoppers, but when startled they don’t hop, but fly away. They have black wings with either a white or a pale yellow stripe along the edge of the wing. They fly quite clumsily and make an almost unpleasant buzzing sound when in flight. They’re really very beautiful creatures. Oh, I might add that I am from CT, USA and it’s midsummer. I do hope these pictures will do, as I have yet to catch one flying on camera.
P.S. Thanks for the info on the Stink Bug!
Signature: Kimberly

Band-Winged Grasshopper

Dear Kimberly,
Based on your description of this Grasshopper in flight, we agree that it is a Band-Winged Grasshopper in the subfamily Oedipodinae.  The taxonomy listed on BugGuide  describes the subfamily members thus:  “Most species of this subfamily, as may be deduced from the common name, have brightly colored hind wings with a marginal or sub-marginal band, though a few species have clear hind wings. The pronotum usually has a median keel. Many make crackling, buzzing, or ticking sounds when they fly (crepitate). A “prosternal spur” is absent between the bases of the front legs. “

Location: Connecticut

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