Band-Winged Grasshopper

Subject: What’s kind of grasshopper
Location: Northern Nevada
August 4, 2016 5:40 pm
Found this grasshopper on my windshield then he hopped to ground. What kind is it, is it related to locust family? Thanx for ur reply.
Signature: C. Hartery

Red Shanked Grasshopper
Band-Winged Grasshopper

Dear C. Hartery,
This is one of the Band-Winged Grasshoppers in the Subfamily Oedipodinae.  At first we thought it might be a Red-Shanked Grasshopper,
Xanthippus corallipes, which we located on Bug Eric, where it states:  “The enormous female Red-Shanked Grasshopper, … is more typical of the leopard-spotted grasshoppers.  She keeps her most vibrant colors mostly concealed.  The back of her head is blue, and the inner surface of her hind femora (“thighs”), and the entirety of her hind tibiae, are bright vermillion.  Her hind wings, visible only when she is flying, are bright yellow with a black band.”  We then realized that other species also had red legs and that a careful examination of leg markings, including both tibia and femora, as well as a good view of the hind wings are all needed for more exact identification.  We are now leaning toward the genus Trimerotropis which is well represented on BugGuide.

I’ll try and track her down again.  I do recall seeing yellow under wings I think.
Thanks very much for the reply.

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