Bald Faced Hornet Queen builds Nest

Bald Face Hornet Building New Home
April 15, 2010
Good morning! I discovered this nest being constructed last night on my deck. So far I only see one hornet. The bald face is competing with the introduced European Hornet (we are in pine tree/pulp tree area). In fact, I have video from last year where the bald face chases the european away. but I digress.
I don’t want to help the European hornet win, but I also don’t want the bald face to build so close to the house. I need to remove this nest before she lays eggs, etc. Any idea what we can do to encourage nest building out near the trees in my yard, and not on my deck!?
I know taking her nest down will not kill her, and that is what I will do, as soon as she heads out for more material. She buzzed my head this morning while I was taking the attached photos!
p.s. if resolution too high, let me know, and I will compress for you!
Kaye F
Cleveland, TN (near Chattanooga)

Bald Faced Hornet Queen builds nest

Dear Kaye,
This queen Bald Faced Hornet matured and mated last fall and then passed through the winter in hibernation.  Now that spring has arrived, she is building her nest out of chewed wood pulp to start a new colony.  Bald Faced Hornets are social wasps and the mature colony will contain hundreds of workers toward the end of summer.  We agree that having this nest too close to the home may result in someone getting stung, and you are wise to remove this nest before it contains any workers.

We applaud your thoughtfulness regarding the desire to preserve this noble species, albeit not in too close of a proximity to your home.  We located a photo on BugGuide of a Bald Faced Hornet competing with a European Hornet for territory and food, and BugGuide is also a good place to learn about the Bald Faced Hornet.

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  1. Kaye F, can I use your wonderful images on an art project? They will not be used commercially, just for me. Actually, if it comes together, I’d like to share it with you. It is about “Paper Makers” since I work with paper.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for posting your request. What’s That Bug? reserves the right to allow images to be used for non-profit reasons. You have our permission to use these images for a single use.


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