It’s eating my fence
Hello, Bugman:
I happened upon your site today for the first time. It1s wonderful!! I looked for this bug in your wasp section and I think that it1s a Bald Faced Hornet. But, why is it eating my fence?
Thank you.
Mary Ann Sumner
Miller Beach, Indiana

Hi Mary Ann,
Bald Faced Hornets are Paper Wasps. They chew wood pulp to make the paper for their nest. She is using the wood fiber in your fence to create wood pulp and then paper.

Location: Indiana

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  1. Lynn says:

    These guys have bored holes in our tree. I had noticed earlier in the spring and early summer, that the wood peckers and other birds were slightly obsessed with the tree. At this time the bark and truck are in terrible shape, and now, there’s these guys swarming the tree. How do I save our tree?

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