Bagworms on Pyracantha

what is this caterpillar/cocoon
Hi. I have had these weird things all summer invading the pyracantha bush. (However you spell that) They mostly hang, but occasionally they will be crawling around dragging there home with them. Very curious, can you identify it? Thanks.

Hi Stephanie,
Once again we are not enforcing our threat to immediately trash all letters without locations, but only because in the interest of our readership, we feel you photos demonstrate an important documentation. These are Bagworms in the family Psychidae. Bagworms are caterpillars and pupae of moths. The caterpillars feed on a variety of plants, cedar, juniper and arborvitae being a favorite hosts, but pyracantha is also listed as a host. Bagworms construct bags from the leaves and twigs of their host plants, and we are amazed to see your photos of bags costructed of Pyracantha berries. We haven’t located another image online demonstrating the use of Pyracantha berries in the bag construction, but we just conducted a quick search.

So Sorry about not mentioning my location. I must have missed that threat somewhere on your page. I was just so excited to find someone who might know what it was. We are located in Midwest City, Oklahoma. This is just east of Oklahoma City. Thanks for the info.

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