Bagworm from Uruguay

Subject: Bagworm in Uruguay?
Location: Bella Vista, Maldonado, Uruguay
February 5, 2013 5:24 am
Hi, my name is Tadeo, i am 10 years old and i discovered this strange cocoon in a just planted tree. After a while i saw that the cocoon was at a different place as the previous watch…so i started to pay more attention to it. Just tonight i found out that inside the cocoon lives a big worm…but i was not sure it was a SilkWorm….I have HD pictures…Can you please help me identify it…
Thanks a lot
Signature: Tadeo


Hi Tadeo,
This Bagwormis most likely in the family Psychidae and it will eventually pupate within its bag when it will become a stationary cocoon.  Your photos are of a beautiful quality and they are a nice addition to our website.  We are sorry we cannot identify your Bagworm to the species level.  We don’t receive many submissions from Uruguay to our site, so thank you for sending your sighting.


Hi Daniel, thank you very much for your reply…. if you can…i have some other questions….
I want to know if this will be a buterfly…I want to know also how much time can take that so i can see and take pictures from all the process. Unfortunatelly the tree where it was at the beginning broke and now we put some tree leaves near him to eat…but maybe we can generate a better place…..
Thank you very much… i am really very interested and your website is very very cool.

Hi again Tadeo,
Bagworms are actually moth caterpillars and they are not especially showy.  Interestingly, female Bagworms are wingless and they do not venture far from the bag when they eclose or emerge from the cocoon.  Once she has mated, the female Bagworm lays eggs inside her bag for the next generation.

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