Bagworm Cocoon

Subject: Caterpillar?
Location: Clermont Florida
September 26, 2016 5:49 am
I found this on my window this morning when I opened the blinds. It was on the outside. I went out to look at it and it looks like it is making a cocoon? It looks like tree bark. The pictures were taken in Clermont Florida in September my me. I cannot find it anywhere on line.
Signature: Lynn Albanese

Bagworm Cocoon
Bagworm Cocoon

Dear Lynn,
This is a Bagworm Cocoon.  Bagworms are a family of moths, Psychidae, whose larvae construct “bags” out of plant material, generally the plants upon which they are feeding.  They carry around the bag for protection, and eventually pupate within the bag.  Your individual appears to have pupated.

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