Strange leaf cocoon
Location: north side of house in Clifton VA (Fairfax)
September 13, 2011 12:51 pm
My husband took this photo today 9/12/11 at our home in Clifton, VA of a strang leaf cocoon located on a column in front of our door. It appears to be made of leaves. Can you identify it?
We have never seen it before.
On our front door I have 2 wreaths made of dry leaves that I think were used for this cocoon. It has been here for a few days.
Thanks much,
Signature: Camille W


Hi Camille,
This is the cocoon of a Bagworm.  Bagworms are caterpillars in the family Psychidae, and they begin to construct a bag from plant material when they are quite small, adding to the bag as they grow.  The Bagworms do not leave their bags, and eventually pupate in them.  Female Bagworm moths are flightless and legless.  The male mates with her inside the bag and she lays here eggs there as well.  The female Bagworm truly never leaves her home.  You may read more about Bagworms on BugGuide.

Location: Virginia

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