Badly Battered Ceanothus Silkmoth

Ceanothus Silkmoth Comment
Location:  Anderson, CA
March 5, 2015
I just found one tonight (3-5-15) at our home in Anderson, CA didn’t know what it was for sure so I looked and this image came up, the one I found looks the exact same! Beautiful moth.

We wish you had sent in a photo as we have not posted a Ceanothus Silkmoth image recently.

This is the moth we found it was battered pretty bad but still flying.

Battered Ceanothus Silkmoth
Battered Ceanothus Silkmoth

Dear Ali,
Thanks for sending us your image of a battered Ceanothus Silkmoth.  Adults only live a few days, long enough to mate and lay eggs.  They do not even feed as adults as they do not have working mouthparts.  Adult life is dangerous for a Silkmoth.  They store fat while a caterpillar to get them through the adult stage, and they are an excellent food source for birds and other predators.  Hopefully your individual mated and was able to pass on its genes to a new generation.

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