Bachelor Party of Wasps in Florida

Subject:  Wasp? Greenish blackish? Group.
Geographic location of the bug:  Panhandle, Florida
Date: 07/24/2018
Time: 09:13 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Apologies for keeping it brief. These wasps have made on home on an old cloths hanger dangling from the frame of my back yard porch. They appear harmless. Non- aggressive. But also without a home?  For the two to threee weeks then have taken up residence, as seen from the photo.
What are they?
How you want your letter signed:  Fan of the Bug

Bachelor Party

Dear Fan of the Bug,
You have nothing to fear from these male wasps as they cannot sting.  They are roosting together at night, an activity performed by some species of Wasps and Solitary Bees that is commonly called a bachelor party because there are only males that participate.  We will attempt a more specific identification for you, but we believe they may be from the family Tiphiidae.

Male Wasps have a Bachelor Party

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