White Lined Sphinx Caterpillar

Valley Carpenter Bee and White Lined Sphinx Hornworm Thanks for your article identifying the “fuzzy blonde bees” that have been patrolling our hillside for the last week. I’m so glad my Yahoo search came up with your page. It was very hard to find any info on anything but black carpenter bees, even in our … Read more

Edward's Glassy Wing

(12/12/2003) We would like to know what kind of moth this is?? It was found in california in the San Andreas which is 1  1/2 hours SE from Sacramento. Thank You Jeffrey Dear Jeffrey, You have a species of Arctiidae (Tiger Moths) known as the Edwards’ Glassy-wing, Hemihyalea edwardsi. It is a California species. Sorry … Read more

Banana Spider from Puerto Rico

Ed. Note: October 5, 2010 This past weekend, we really wanted to link to this old posting, but alas, we could not locate it.  Our webmaster tracked it down and it seemed it did not make our major website migration just over two years ago.  We suspect this is not the only missing gem, but … Read more

Whitebanded Fishing Spider

(9/12/2003) We usually have lots of neat spiders here in South Texas, but this beautiful visitor amazed us. Never before seen on our house. Note that the trim boards are 1 by 2 inches so she is quite sizable but not as large as the Golden Orb spiders we have in abundance. We are thinking … Read more

Marbled Orbweaver

(11/3/2003)Unidentified spider I found this spider wandering yesterday in the leaf litter in Great Falls, Maryland, about 10 miles north of Washington, DC.  It’s “dome” was about the diameter of a dime or a penny.  I’ve never seen anything like it before and my Internet search came up empty.  I’d really like to know what … Read more


GLOW-WORMS (10/12/2003) Hi I fancy myself as an amateur entomologist, but I recently found two creatures that have me stumped.  Four times over the course of the last month I found what appears to be a large grub.  I initially thought the animal was a centipede of some sort, but upon closer inspection it seemed … Read more