Bug from Perth, Western Australia
Dear Bugman,
I found this ugly little bugger in my house in Perth, Western Australia. I have never seen one before any where in Australia. Can you help me identify it. (I have kept him in a jar for posterity) He looks like a huge flea/fly combination with small proboscis. In addition to the original photo I have added one with a scale beside the bug to show you actual size.
James Lybrand

Hi James,
You have a species of Weevil. Weevils are sometimes called Snout Beetles or Bill Beetles and belong to the Family Curculionidae, the insect family with the most species. I will try to get you additional information.

Update: 29 November 2008
Since our site migration last summer, we have had much work to do reclassifying old postings from our archives. Since this entry was originally posted, we have identified this unusual Australian Weevil as an Elephant Weevil, Orthorhinus cylindrirostris . Substantiating photos can be found on the Brisbane Insect Site and an Australian Forestry Images Website.

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