Australian Rove Beetle

Since sending my request for help in identifying a black bodied -orange headed beetle, I have found it as a "Rove beetle" – As yet I have been unable to find the particular type but at least now I have something to go on! Please ignore my request of yesterday … I’m sure you have plenty of things to do. I came across this guy attached, in the garden next door (Toowoomba Australia). it is about 15-18mm long – I have hunted around the web trying to find it but so far with no joy:-( – Maybe you know it? Most appreciative of any help…..
Keith Power
Toowoomba Q

Hi Keith,
You are correct that this is a Rove Beetle. It will take us some research to give you a species, but there are so many physically similar species that might be impossible.

Update (12/05/2007)
Australian Rove Beetle
Hi there,
the rove beetle you have an image of on your website, the one with the bright orange head, is Creophilus erythrocephalus (Fabricius). I am revising that genus of rove beetles. Cheers,
Dave Clarke
PhD Candidate
University of Illinois at Chicago
Zoology, Division of Insects
The Field Museum

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