Australian Rhinoceros Beetles

Rhinoceros beetles from Australia
Hi bugpeople,
this is Chris… you posted a photo of my daughter’s phasmid last year, with a link back to my site (thank you 🙂 I have just returned from south-east Queensland, Australia (to Sydney, where I live) and collected a plethora of fantastic bug pics. However, I thought I might just share a few because I know time is short when you’re maintaining a large site! Follow the link to my article about two species of rhinoceros beetle I found.

One is considered rare (Haploscapanes australicus?), the other quite common (Xylotrupes gideon). The common one is enormous and the first photo on the site shows it sitting on my hand (for scale).
Best regards,

Hi Chris,
Thanks for sending us your photos and providing an indentification. We have linked back you your site where people can find more information than we are posting. We have posted the two photos of the common Xylotrupes gideon above and the single photo of the rare Haploscapanes australicus below.

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