Australian Geometrid Moth: Epidesmia tricolor

Australian Moth
Location: Sydney’s Northern Beaches
December 5, 2011 7:54 pm
Hello Bugman,
I haven’t been able to identify this moth after considerable searches. It flew into our house at about 9pm last night.
Signature: Ridou

Epidesmia tricolor: Australian Geometrid Moth

Dear Ridou,
Searches like this can take a very long time and still prove unfruitful, but we got lucky.  We thought this most resembled a Geometrid Moth, so we searched the Csiro database of Australian Moths and found a match with a photo of a mounted
Epidesmia tricolor.  The only nice living specimen photos we could find are on The Nature of Robertson website.  Your photos are a most welcomed addition to our site.

Epidesmia tricolor

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