Agrianome spinicollis NOT Australian Banksia Longicorn

What Beetle is this?
From Kiama Australia, Caught this beetle last night, any ideas
Regards Richard

Hi Richard,
We have an idea, but only in a very general sense. It appears to be a Root Borer in the Family Cerambycidae, similar to the North American Prionus or Derobrachus.

Update (02/04/2006)
Australian Root Borer
Dear friends, The photo of the beetle sent in by Richard of Kiama looks remarkably like a picture in a book I have of a Banksia Longicorn: Paroplites australis (family Cerambycidae). The text says they are “slender reddish-brown beetles about 5 cm long with antennae of similar length. The larvae are large, fleshy, yellowish legless grubs, broades at the head end. ” The larvae bore tunnels in Banskia trees and pack it with the debris from their chewing. Regards,

Thanks for your update and after checking a few photos on the web, yes you are correct, this is exactly what it is. Thanks for the effort. Found this link
Best wishes from OZ

Correction:  November 18, 2016
Upon researching this new posting, we realized this is NOT a Banksia Longicorn, but
Agrianome spinicollis based on this Prioninae of the World image and other online images.

2 thoughts on “Agrianome spinicollis NOT Australian Banksia Longicorn”

  1. This beetle is actually Agrianome spinicollis (Cerambycidae: Prioninae), Paroplites australis is a much darker insect, slightly smaller and narrower and similar to Eurynassa australis. But all are from the subfamily Prioninae, so they are all fairly similar I guess.

    Information on Agrianome can be found in research papers no. 112, 160, 213, 255, 270 and 284 from my website Information can be found on Paroplites australis in papers 160 and 256 on my website.There are also illustrations provided.

    Best regards, Trevor

    • Dear Trevor,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to sort through our numerous Australian Beetles and correctly identifying the many that have given us problems. Your effort is greatly appreciated.
      Daniel Marlos, AKA The Bugman


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