Austral Ellipsidion Cockroach from Australia

Subject: New bettle
Location: Australia NSW Harrington Park
September 14, 2016 11:19 pm
Dear big man I think I foun a new bettle species if not please send back a letter, it is an aboriginal coloured bettle with aboriginal patterns. It also has two pincer like red things near its abdormen or butt.
If it is new also send a letter back.
From Logs
Signature: Logs


Dear Logs,
We found a Getty Images image of your Cockroach nymph, but it only identified as “Arboreal cockroach, sub-order Blattaria.”  According to the Brisbane Insect site, the species is known as the Beautiful Cockroach or Austral Ellipsidion,
Ellipsidion australe, and this information is provided:  “Not all cockroaches are ugly. This Austral Ellipsidion Cockroach looks beautiful. Its body is orange-brown to dark brown with white patterns. Its thorax is dark brown with a good looking yellow around the edge. The cockroach adult is winged, with brown forewings covered the black and white abdomen. Male and female look almost the same. Nymphs have the similar body structure except wingless.”

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