Atlantic Purseweb Spider

Subject: Red legged purse web?
Location: Clarksville VA
June 14, 2015 7:22 pm
Is this a red legged purse web? Am from FL and have never seen one. (Saw last week) bLike a spider on steroids! He (she?) was crossing the street at a state park in clarksville, VA, so fast that i couldn’t get a clear video! Hubby moved it out of the road on a leaf and it stood still long enough for me to get this shot. Only the bottoms of the legs are red. And wouldja lookit those fangs!!!
Signature: Trisha

Atlantic Purseweb Spider
Atlantic Purseweb Spider

Dear Trisha,
The Red Legged Purseweb Spider,
 Sphodros rufipes, has bold red legs and a black body.  Your Atlantic Purseweb Spider, Sphodros atlanticus, which we identified on BugGuide, is a relative in the same genus.

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