I found this guy/girl crawling around in a box in my kitchen.  We have had a bunch of ladybugs, and I am sure I have seen both the bright red and the ones that are more orange.  I just didn’t know what to make of one that is both.

Asymmetrical Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Hi Angie,
We have received other images in the past of this asymmetrically marked Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle variation.  One theory is that the pale side may be a dead wing.  Where are you located?  Since you did not use our standard form, you neglected to include the sighting location.

we are in Golden, CO.  I apologize for the lack of info.  The kids were intrigued by it and we absolutely love your site.  I have a new tablet and haven’t adjusted to the mobile world yet and was having trouble finding the right place to send it to you.  I should have just jumped on pc.  Lol.  We are right in the foothills between a small table top plateau and the canyon.  We have had a very wet year and seen many bugs that we either haven’t seen in years or are brand new.  It has been really fun.  We have used your site and bug guide a lot this summer.

Thanks for the additional information Angie.  We are pleased to hear you enjoy using BugGuide and our own site.

Location: Colorado

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