Subject: Two insects and Cordyceps
Location: Ecuador, Yasuni adjacent to Napo River
February 4, 2017 8:34 am
During January 2017 I was in the Yasuni area, adjacent to the Napo River of Ecuador. During the hours of darkness I was photographing the very small insect on the top of the plant that had been infected by the cordyceps fungus. When along flew the green insect and settled beside the dead one. Body size of the insect is about 2cm or 3/4 of an inch. Is the green insect an assassin bug and what type? Do you think both insects are the same? There had been a lot of rain at the time I was there. It was very hot and humid and low altitude.
Signature: Moira

Assassin Bug Nymph and Adult Assassin with Fungus Infection

Dear Moira,
Both insects in your stunning image are Assassin Bugs.  The one with the Fungus Infection is a winged adult and the other an immature, wingless nymph, but we cannot state for certain that they are the same species, but we believe that is a good possibility.  You indicated that the living one “flew” and we suspect you stated that incorrectly as it has no wings.  Again, you image is positively stunning.

Location: Yasuni, Ecuador

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  1. Calculus says:

    Many thanks for your help. I thought the living one flew into the picture but maybe it just crawled there when I was checking my photos. Are you able to give me a family name or an educated guess at the species?

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