Location: Escondido, California
October 9, 2012 6:02 pm
I found this little bugger in the yard the other day. I’ve never seen this kind of critter in my yard before and have a feeling he may be the little ass that is chewing on my plants. If it is helpful, he has green ’bug juice’… I know cause I squished the little shit after he posed for pictures to send you. Thanks in advance for your help in helping me identify this little guy (girl?)
Signature: ConnieSue

Assassin Bug

Dear ConnieSue,
Thank you for sparing us the photo of the Unnecessary Carnage.  This is a beneficial, predatory Assassin Bug in the genus

Thank you so much Daniel!  Now I fee bad about squishing this beneficial little guy…  will have to apologize to his family.

At least you will know for the future.

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Location: California

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