Wheel Bug Nymphs

Help with identifying these bugs would be appreciated. They are on a neighbor’s pecan tree. I’ve looked at web sites that discuss pecan pests and nothing looked like this. In the first email I forgot to state that we are in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas area.

Dear Ft. Worth,
We checked with out resident expert at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, and he agreed that you have Assassin Bug Nymphs, newly hatched. You are not finding them on the pecan pest site because they are not pests. They are predators who will help rid the trees of aphids and other destructive insects. They are beneficial, though when they are grown, they can inflict a painful bite to humans if carelessly handled.

A million thanks for the quick response. You are providing a wonderful service with a great web site. Keep up the fantastic work!
Richard L Parker

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