Assassin Bug

Please identify this bug – when you have time in your busy schedule.
I love your website! I would like to know what kind of bug this is. I came across him as I was photographing bumblebees enjoying these beautiful spiked flowers. I took the photo with my new Canon Digital Rebel XT, which I am really enjoying. Thanks for your help!
Patty Tucker

Hi Patty,
Thank you so much for your polite letter. We are growing weary of the demanding and insensitive tone of so many of the letters we receive. Our delete key is getting plenty of action. This is an Assassin Bug in the genus Pselliopus. We found a match on BugGuide.

Thanks for your quick reply. What a name for a bug! Funny!! I hate that people have to be rude and insensitive. What a waste of life and time! I could tell by the note on your website that you guys were overwhelmed with requests. I was hesitant about even sending my photo. Thanks for a speedy response and for having a great website. The good feeling you have to come away with from the numerous emails you receive, good and bad, is that you guys have created a wonderful, informative and fun website. Way to go! Have a great day!
Patty Tucker

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