Subject: Lookin’ Right at me!
Location: Northwest New Jersey
December 6, 2015 10:31 pm
Nasty lookin sucker. I left it alone. Any idea what it is?
Signature: Flex

Spined Assassin Bug

Spined Assassin Bug

Dear Flex,
This looks like a predatory Spined Assassin Bug,
Sinea diadema, or another member of the genus, based on this BugGuide image.  Most Assassin Bugs do not aggressively bite humans, Kissing Bugs being the exceptions, but Assassin Bugs are capable of inflicting a painful bite if carelessly handled, threatened, or accidentally encountered.

Somehow I knew not to try to convince it to climb up on my finger.
What a Mug!
Frank Lekstutis


Location: New Jersey

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