I am trying to figure out what this bug is – I think its all the same bug but in different stages of life cycle. I was bitten by one on my thumb. It burned really bad when stung and has been swollen, red and itchy for 2 days now. Any help would be appreciated. CHECK, THERE ARE TWO TYPES, ONE HAS BLACK WINGS AND THE SECOND IS GROWING WINGS.
Kim Shraibati
Austin , Texas

Dear Kim,
Your photos are stunning. You have been bitten by an Assassin Bug, Family Reduviidae, which will inflict a painful bite if carelessly handled. Most species are predaceous on other insects. They have piercing/sucking mouthparts which are very visible in your photos. Sorry I cannot give you an exact species name, but it appears you have a nymph and adult of the same species. It is probably a Zelus species.

Thanks. I think I must be extra allergic because the itching is pretty bad. Finally the swelling is going down. Now I know to stay pretty far away from those guys.

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  1. drswanny says:

    These images depict Zelus longipes, the first being a nymph and the second an adult.

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