Subject: Asps / Flannel Moth caterpillars…interesting colors
Location: Kyle, Texas
October 29, 2013 10:40 am
Greetings from Kyle, Texas!
This past weekend one of my kids found one of these asps crawling across our porch. It was a buff color and the largest I had ever seen. I captured it in a jar and then gave my kids (and the neighbor kids who were also there) a lesson that these are stinging caterpillars (in the glass jar we could actually see the stingers which are close to the feet) and never to be picked up or played with. We looked it up here at WTB of course, so everybody was well versed on these cute untouchables.
Then, this morning my youngest child who is four, came in saying that he’d found another one and sure enough he had found the darker one on our garage, very close to our rose bushes. On closer inspection, I found the orange one actually on the rose bushes. We decided to remove them and take some photos because of the color variations and also because they are very large…the jar lid they are occupying in the pics are three inches in diameter. To keep them and my kids safe, I put them in our compost pile where I put the other one from Saturday.
Thank you so much for your wonderful site!
Signature: M. family in Kyle


Dear M. family,
Thanks so much for sending us your photo of the color variations in Asps, the stinging caterpillar of the Southern Flannel Moth.  We are happy to hear our site was helpful.  We are postdating your submission to go live in early November while we are out of the office.

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