Tabanid Egg Cluster, NOT Asp

Subject: Moth?
Location: Northeast Oklahoma
September 18, 2016 3:58 pm
Found this walking into my house on my front screendoor. The bottom looks like hundreds of tiny legs like fibers
Signature: Amber

Tabanid Eggs

Dear Amber,
This is an Asp, the stinging Caterpillar of a Puss Moth.  Asps should be handled with extreme caution to avoid contact with the stinging hairs.  We love your image through the screen which shows the ventral surface.

Horse or Deer Fly Eggs

Karl Provides a Correction:  Horse Fly Eggs
Hi Daniel:
The photos provided by Amber are a little fuzzy but this doesn’t look like a caterpillar to me, especially the underside (head, legs and prolegs should be visible). I think this may actually be a Tabanid egg cluster, perhaps ta deer fly. The Bugguide site has an underside photo that looks very similar. Regards Karl

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