Asian Tiger Mosquito

What is this bug?
Location: Manassas VA
November 2, 2011 8:55 pm
I need your help. What is this cool bug?
Signature: Tom K

Male Asian Tiger Mosquito

Hi Tom,
Your insect is the introduced Asian Tiger Mosquito.  According to BugGuide:  “The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive and aggressive species that was introduced to the United States during the mid-1980s. It was first collected in Texas in 1985, apparently having traveled from Asia in a shipment of used tires. These mosquitoes are vicious biters and have been known to transmit disease.”  Unlike most Mosquitoes, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is a diurnal species that will bite during daylight hours.  According to
BugGuide:  “Adult females feed on the blood of birds, humans, and domestic & wild mammals.”  The antennae indicate that your individual is a non-biting male.

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  1. We have seen many of these Asian Tiger Mosquitos for the first time ever, in New Castle, Pennsylvania, in July 2013. They are twice the size of our standard, everyday mosquito and bite twice as hard. Time to build more bat boxes!!

    • What a nice idea to build bat boxes. Our editorial staff hails from your area, across the border in Youngstown, Ohio.


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