Ashy Gray Lady Beetle: Black Variation

Subject: a couple of strange bugs
Location: southern nevada
April 6, 2014 11:48 pm
okay bug number 1 we found playing wit the cat, we’re assuming it’s some kind of lady bug but we’re just curious.
bug number 2 is a bigger issue, it is the 25th of its kind to be found in one of our bedrooms within the last couple months. this bedroom also houses two cockatiels and two bearded dragons, if that could help with identifying it.
Signature: thank you!

Ashy Gray Lady Beetle:  Black Variation
Ashy Gray Lady Beetle: Black Variation

You are correct that this is a Lady Beetle, more specifically, an Ashy Gray Lady Beetle, Olla v-nigrum, in its black variation, which you can verify thanks to this image on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide:  “Gray with black spots, or black with two red spots.  This species has two basic color variants that are strikingly different and I have seen little evidence of intergradation between the variants.”  Your other insect identification request is an Indian Meal Moth and this species infests stored grains.  It might have infested the cockatiel seed.

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  1. I have a confluence of grey hexagonal-shaped beetle(?) that has been appearing in my bedroom since the weather has become cold. They don’t seem very frightened or aggressive when trapped and killed. What are these things?


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