Arrowhead Spider

Subject: Spider with yellow triangle
Location: Woods/ around house, Junior, West Virginia
August 3, 2016 6:11 pm
This was hanging form my AC outside my window. As long as it won’t kill me it can stay. Let me please
Signature: Jennifer

Arrowhead Spider
Arrowhead Spider

Dear Jennifer,
The Arrowhead Spider,
Verrucosa arenata, is a harmless species.  You may verify that on BugGuide where it states:  “Like other orb weavers, it is not dangerous to humans.”  Can you please provide a state or city for the location?

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  1. Just found an arrowhead spider this morning (Sept. 15, 2017) in Gnadenhutten, Ohio. He began with one strand between a tree and a hanging basket stand which are about 11 feet apart on either side of a sidewalk. The web was built off that, and it was probably 5′ in diameter with the little spider in the center. It was quite a foggy morning, and the dew on the web helped us see it before we walked into it. We broke out the cameras immediately & got a few good shots. Good thing, too. My husband told me that the little guy had dismantled the web by about 1 PM. I posted pics on instagram #brickhouseonmain


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