I am 24 but back when I was about 8 or so I remember seeing a worm or caterpillar with what seemed to be a hammerhead shark-shaped head. I have attached a really lame MS paint drawing of what I saw. I was hoping you could let me know if anything like this exsists or if my mom put LSD in my Snackpac. Thanks
Jade Shiroma

Hi Jade,
You left out some crucial details, like the size of the worm, but I think I have a good idea what you saw. There is a species of planaria or flatworm known as the Arrow-headed Flatworm, Bipalium kewensis. According to Hogue, "The species is "hammer-headed"; the head is shovel-shaped (wider than the body), and there are numerous minute eyes along its border."

Thanks so much, I am going to go find a picture!

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  1. Mike Terrell says:

    I found your site, while searching for the ID of the worm that crawled into my house this evening!

    The pictures and description of the “mystery” worm was dead-on!….It is a Flat Headed Worm!

    You didn’t have any pictures until the post from Jennifer in Atlanta (I’m located just outside of Atlanta)….give me mailing info and I will send you the actual worm!


  2. Michelle says:

    These Arrow-headed worms keep coming into my house, at first I thought they were just slugs but they were extremely long. My son found one last night by accidently stepping on it. My question is: are they harmful to humans and animals?


  3. Carter says:

    UUUGGGHHH. Thanks goodness. I was out in my backyard today in Hong Kong and I saw one of these guys. I totally thought it was a leech. I have HUGE fear of leeches, so I am VERY glad it wasn’t one. I just stumbled across your site, and it is very helpful, especially living overseas with so many unknown to myself creatures. Thanks.


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