Armored Ground Cricket from Somalia

Subject: Puntland bug
Location: Puntland state of Somalia
February 15, 2015 11:33 am
Dear Bugman,
I saw this afternoon thus beetle in Puntland State of Somalia.
I asked a Somali what it was but he did not know.
He said these beetles appear suddenly and die around this time of year (February).
The beetle was about 7 centimeters long and was very slow and gave the impression it was about to die.
I am curious to know more about this beetle. I saw a smaller specimen in December when I visited Garowe).
Kind regards
and thanks before hand
Signature: Peter Markus

Armored Ground Cricket
Armored Ground Cricket

Dear Peter,
This is not a beetle.  It is a flightless Katydid commonly called an Armored Ground Cricket.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you very much!
I thought it might be but the photos I found looked different!
Again thank you, I will read up on it
Kind regards,


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