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Location: Queensland, Australia
September 30, 2011 11:23 pm
Hi guys,
Thought you might like these shots of Trichopoda giacomellii, introduced into Australia from South Africa as a biological control agent for Green Stink (Potato) Bugs. Sure are pretty for assassins.
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Introduced Tachinid Fly

Hi Trevor,
Thanks so much for thinking of us when you have another gorgeous image of some Australian bug that is underrepresented on our site.  Armed with the information you provided, we tried to find additional information on this Tachinid Fly, and we learned that it is originally from Argentina, not South Africa.  You can verify that both on this PDF courtesy of the CSIRO Division of Entomology and the CSIRO website.  According to the Queensland Government Primary Industries and Fisherieswebsite, this Tachinid is commonly called the Green Vegetable Bug Parasitic Fly.

Green Vegetable Bug Parasitic Fly


Location: Australia

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  1. kvndoom says:

    Still haven’t learned their lesson from the Cane Toads, eh? 😉

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