Arachne Checkerspot

I am stumped
I photographed this butterfly in a grass field near the edge of a lake. I live in Grand Junction Colorado and have seen many very similar to this one, but i am still unable to identify it. Can you help?

Luckily, some time back we bought Jeffrey Glassberg’s book Butterflies Through Binoculars the West, and we were able to identify this lovely Arachne Checkerspot, Poladryas arachne. It is found in mountain meadows and arid grasslands and is most often spotted in the morning. There are two broods through most of the range, the epicenter being where Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado come together. Adults fly from late April to June, with a second brood flying in September. We are thrilled to add this new species to our archives, and thought fondly of Patrick while doing the posting.

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