Aquatic Springtails

Sprintails in Aquarium?
I believe I may have spring tails. I have white microscopic things jumping on the surface of the water in on of my breeder baskets in a fish tank. At first I thought it was daphnia of some sort (water fleas) but somebody mentionned it might be spring tails. Is there a way to get rid of them without harming my fish? The room is not a damp location but of course the aquarium is. >From the pictures on your site I’m not 100% sure they are sprintails. They are about the size of the end of a sowin needle (the point so a few 100 microns) and jump about 1″ high or so. when spooked. They seem to be able to float on the water. I had one dead fry in the basket could the spring tails kill my young fish?
Dominique Duval
Winnipeg, MB

Hi Dominique,
This is a new one for us, but entirely possible. The Springtails will not harm the fish. Sorry, we don’t know how to get rid of them without harming the fish, except manual removal.

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  1. I had the same problem and i searched everywhere for an answer but the only solution i found was to clean the tank with saltwater which I was lazy to do I have a big tank and it’s hard to break it apart and clean it so I put three 100 watt lamps over the aquarium for two or three days they don’t like the high light and it worked I got rid of the bugs. try this maybe it works for you. Best of luck


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