Aquarium Update: Tragedy Averted

April 29, 2011
Daniel had to drive to work yesterday because he was so late he could not take public transportation.  After spending the morning posting many of your wonderful letters, he noticed Boris and Medea Luna obviously distressed at the top of the aquarium.  The two remaining Cardinal Tetras they share the 40 gallon aquarium with were gasping at the top as well.  The last remaining two year old Blue Ram was dead.  This followed two partial water changes in two days.  Upon returning to the home office after Spring Break, Medea Luna’s pectoral fins did not look good.  The suspected love nips from Boris appeared to be a fin rot fungus and internet research suggested frequent water changes, so first 15 gallons, and the next morning 10 gallons of water were changed and Stress Coat+ was used.  Next morning, just as Daniel was about to leave, the distressed fish looked bad.  Daniel couldn’t skip work, so he quickly scooped up the four survivors and transferred them to the Grow Out aquarium.  There wasn’t time to make sure the transfer would be successful, so Daniel drove off to his morning lecture.  Thursday is a very long day, culminating after an evening lecture ending at 10:15 PM.  Throughout the day, Daniel couldn’t help but to worry about the state of affairs with the mated pair of Angelfish that have been under Daniel’s care for two years.  Upon returning home at nearly 11 PM, Daniel was relieved to find the four distressed fish well and hungry, though there are also 11 Rummy Nose Tetras and about 50 Angelings only a few months old also in that aquarium, not to mention a Cory Cat that always hides under a rock.  The largest Angelings will have to go to Tropical Imports this weekend and Boris and Medea Luna’s home will need some major attention.  Looks like a busy weekend.  Sorry no new photos, but here are the couple before the averted tragedy.

Medea Luna (left) and Boris kiss or fight in November 2010

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