Aquarium Update: Lefty and Digitalis' offspring are mating!!!!!

March 31, 2012
My beautiful adolescent Angelfish are laying eggs, but no eggs have hatched yet.  There were 17 Angelfish in the 40 gallon tall aquarium when things started to get ugly.  A gold male and a small but spunky striped female have laid eggs several times and they are getting aggressive.  His protective behavior was documented in a motion control photograph taken a few weeks ago.
It was several days ago that I realized that when they laid eggs again, the gold member of the pair was the male, not the female.  I believe that is him obeying the rule of thirds at my direction in the attached photograph.  I have decided to name him Paris.

Paris and other Adolescent Angelfish

The pair had begun attacking the eyes of a gravid female who was dropping eggs as she hid behind the piece of slate leaning against the glass.  I moved her with three other striped tankmates and moved them into the 10 gallon nursery tank.  That was Wednesday night.  Yesterday I took them to Tropical Imports and I told Henry to keep an eye on them because I predict they will pair off and lay eggs.  I am pretty certain at least two of the four are males.

Adolescent Angelfish

These are the most beautiful of the final brood produced by Lefty and Digitalis in spring 2011.

2 thoughts on “Aquarium Update: Lefty and Digitalis' offspring are mating!!!!!”

  1. I have 4 guppies that I can breed. I am having a hard time trying to get my male lyre-tailed guppy to breed. He is my only male. Bummer. 3 females (and one male that won’t mate). Any tips?

    • We find it odd that a male guppy will not mate, but if that is the case, you might want to consider getting another more amorous male guppy to service the females. Guppies are not aggressive fish and the males will not fight with one another.


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