August 8, 2009
Today I gave the largest fledgling Angelfish that was laid on March 31 to Daryl next door.  This Angelfish is now four months old and looking quite graceful.  I also caught 12 Angelfish from the grow out aquarium and traded them for two packs of frozen baby brine shrimps at Tropical Imports.

The latest spawning from Boris and Media Luna has had a high mortality rate.  Many of the fry are dying in the small plastic container floating in the 10 gallon nursery tank.  I am currently moving all the fry from the nursery aquarium to the grow out tank so I can try to save the couple of remaining youngest fry.  I have moved 25 and then 13 and then 12 and then 5 for a total of 55.  I was not trying to catch the largest fry, but moving all I caught.  It seems the smallest fry that were just moved are being picked on by the larger fledgling fry.  I may try to take 10 more of the largest to Tropical Imports tomorrow.

240-13+55= 282.  There should be 282 fry in the grow out tank, but I really think it is more likely there are half that number.

Meanwhile, Lefty and Digitalis spawned several days ago and the fry became free swimming two days ago.  There are about 60 or more young fry currently swimming with the parents.  The fry raised with the parents seem to grow so much faster.

Update:  August 10, 2009
Boris and Media Luna spawned yesterday.  I need to get all the fry out of the nursery aquarium and clean it.  Then I can move the fry in the floating box, less than 20, to the nursery aquarium and prepare for the newest fry.

I caught 15 of the largest fledgelings from the grow out aquarium and am taking them to Tropical Imports today.  that will leave 267 (considerably less) remaining in the grow out aquarium.

I then moved the final 25 fry from the nursery aquarium into the grow out tank.

FInally, I cleaned out the nursery aquarium and moved 18 fry from Boris and Media Luna’s spawning of two weeks ago.  They are about the same size as Lefty and Digitalis’ week younger fry.

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