Aquarium Update: 20 August 2010

Today I caught 10 baby Angelfish from the bathroom nursery aquarium to transfer to the growout aquarium.  Last week, while Mom was still here, I took 20 Angelfish that were born this spring to Tropical Imports to trade for $30 credit.  I did not buy anything that day.  After doing that I moved 15 baby Angelfish into the growout aquarium that only had the six smallest Angelfish left.  After this release, the Growout Aquarium will contain 10 rummynose tetras.  Of the 10 I bought last spring, only 3 had died, and last week as part of the earlier delivery of Angelfish, which included the 3 gold adolescents (Paris and friends) which only netted me $10, so I replace the three dead Rummynose Tetras with 3 small ones, wiping out the stock at Tropical Imports.  Dean said Gold Angelfish were not popular.  A few days later they were gone from the store.  I hope they went to a good home.  I can’t remember how many spring Angelfish I sold that day.  I think it may have been between 20 and 25.

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