Aquarium Isopod from Australia

Subject: freshwater aquarium isopod?
Location: Australia
March 13, 2015 8:04 am
Hi, I found this bug in my tank after adding some new plants. I think it might be an isopod of sorts but am unsure as to what type it is. I have it currently in a cup of water with some moss and the small mystery snail that also came with the plants. I’m too worried to keep it in the tank in case it is a parasitic bug that could harm my fish. If the bug is completely harmless please let me know so that I can add it back int the tank instead of them being stuck in a small cup. If it helps, I have noticed that it tends to roll into a ball when it feels threatened. Thanks.
Signature: weilmanu

Aquatic Isopod
Aquatic Isopod

Dear weilmanu,
We agree that this is some aquatic Isopod and we cannot guarantee that it will not cause problems in your aquarium.  We would not recommend introducing it to your aquarium.

Aquatic Isopod
Aquatic Isopod

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