Appalachian Brown butterfly? 1 of 3
Thought I was taking a picture of an Appalachian Brown butterfly in the mountains of Georgia but when I began to research it, I notice there were only three eyespots on the underside of the forewings instead of the usual four. And there seemed to be no spots on the upperside of the forewings. Could this be the difference between the male and female? I don’t know. I will send you several photos in separate emails so you can see. These photos are untouched. Looking forward to you answer.
Patrick Crone

Hi Patrick,
We agree that this is an Appalacian Brown, Satyrodes appalachia. The Satyr butterfies often have variations and it is possible that the one eyespots is so faint as to be undetectable. We don’t believe this is any indication of the sex of the butterfly.

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