Appalacian Brown

Subject: Maybe an Appalacian Brown butterfly?
Location: Troy, VA
August 15, 2016 9:36 am
This somewhat the worse for wear butterfly was on the house bricks last night. He only stayed for a short while and then flew off. I realize lacking a chunk of wing makes it more difficult to identify, but his other wing was in even worse shape. Fortunately for the butterfly, the missing wing pieces didn’t impair its ability to fly. I think perhaps it’s an Appalacian brown?
Signature: Grace Pedalino

Appalacian Brown
Appalacian Brown

Dear Grace,
We had our doubts, but we now concur that this is an Appalacian Brown,
Lethe appalachia, after reading this BugGuide description:  “Adult: wings medium brown. Lower side of forewing with the two end eyespots larger than the middle two; spots may not touch. Dark line inside the hindwing row spot is sinuous or gently curving (not zigzagged, as it is in the Eyed Brown).”  Once we compared BugGuide images of the two species, we agree that the line on the hindwing is sinuous, not zigzagged.

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