Aphid Wolf Carnage

Weird stinging bug
Location: San Antonio, TX
October 15, 2011 5:24 pm
This little bug was hanging out in one of the throw pillows on our sofa. It stung my wife about a week ago, but we never saw it. A few days ago, it stung me and I caught it in the act. I managed to kill it without squishing it and got some pretty good close-up photos of it. I couldn’t find anything like it on the Internet. It appears to have 6 lets, good sized pincers on its head, and some kind of stinger on its abdomen. It’s mostly bright green, with some brownish markings on it’s top side. Any idea what this thing is??
Signature: Thanks! Steph & Mike

Lacewing Larva Carnage

Dear Steph and Mike,
This is an Aphid Wolf.  Lacewings and their larvae, which are known as Aphid Wolves, are beneficial predators in the garden that consume vast quantities of Aphids and other plant pests.  We have received numerous reports of people being bitten by Lacewings as well as by Aphid Wolves, but the effects of the bite do not last long and they do not do any permanent harm.  The advantages these insects bring to the garden far outweigh the annoyance of an occasional bite, and they should be tolerated.

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