Subject: can you help naming thes bugs?
Location: Central Florida
July 15, 2014 5:26 pm
we own a pool in Florida and these bugs are in the thousands in my pool and I cant identify them I was wondering if you can help me with my problem. I am sending you a picture of them hoping you can tell me what they are. If you can identify them and help me I am very appreciative thanks.
Signature: na



Dear na,
If you want an identification, you should try to provide us with a high quality image, not a low resolution, tiny file.  These appear to be Ants.

Location: Florida

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  1. Nancy Nelson says:

    Hi, I can help you with the ants found in Na’s pool. After much frustration (screen upon screen full of these ants) and research I found out that these are rover ants. They breed in the soil around trees and especially love water. The males are very tiny. They fit easily through screening and for some reason like to commit suicide in my pool. The females are 4 times the size of the males with a large, striped back portion. They run from outside my lanai straight for the pool and drop in to die. Sometimes there are so many flying males on top of our lanai that we have used a blower to get them to fall down AWAY from the lanai. I have tried burning citronella candles whenever I see them starting to gather in the pool. That works a little bit. They also cannot fight against the wind so if you blow fans toward the outside of your pool area, that can keep them out too.

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